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ebony girls sucknude Sherrie continuedto stare outthe window andbegan to touchher awesome titsand rub herwet pussy. Mirccouldn't believe thesight. He'd knownfrom her outfitsthat she hada good bodybut he neverrealized his daughterwould look soperfect.

Ipinched her again,and this timeshe sucked inbreath and bither bottom lip.I felt asurge of arousal,knowing that Ihad given herpleasure. In thepast, I'd neverfelt like Iwas doing anythingto please theboys I waswith. They seemedto get alltheir pleasure fromtrying to dothings to me.Now, for thefirst time, Icould see thatI was capableof making someonefeel good, onequal terms.

"Always,for you Jack."He looked ather in mildexasperation, but shewasn't looking athis face. "Butnow even moreso, I mustadmit."

"First, I'mgoing to resumekissing your tummyand belly button,because I liketo do thatvery much. Then,I'm going toslowly work myway down andkiss your fur.Then, I'll spreadyour legs andspend a longtime kissing yourinner thighs. Andthen, but onlyif you're agood girl, Iwill kiss yourlips and lickyou until youcum in myface. And afterthat, I'll keepeating your pussyuntil you orgasmagain and againand beg mefor mercy."

AsI melted intothe chair Iopened my legswider and pressedforward onto theedge to pushmyself against yourteasing mouth. Icouldn't be stilland my hipsand stomach shookwith intensity.

Hesaid nothing more,but began topush his cockbetween my lips.I tried toresist but mylips moved backinto my teethcausing pain. Hesmiled again ashis cock enteredmy mouth. Hemoved his cockin and outof my mouth,but then lookeddown angrily.

Carol was moremature though andperhaps she couldbe even morepromising to him,after all, sheseemed to beof limited experiencein the artof bondage, atleast by theirconversation she hadseemed innocent enough.He pulled intohis driveway andsat there, staringat his newprize, they allseemed to excitehim when hegot them tohis place, thesheer knowledge thatthey were hisand had nosay in thematter turned himon as hefelt his prickgrow as hewatched her chestrise and fallwith her breaths.He considered havingher tits rightthere, but hedecided to wait,not wanting toget himself tooexcited before hehad her alllaid out, andhe got outand walked aroundto her sideof the carand hefted heron his shoulders,she was slightlyheavier than hehad imagined andhe dropped heronto the seatagain before heshifted his balanceand tried again.He had troubleholding onto heras he workedto get hiskey in thelock and thedoor opened andhe almost droppedher once more.

We talkedall the wayup to thelake about everythinggoing on andabout Jessica. Thingswere fine aswe got upto the lakeand everyone gotcomfortable. Jessica woreone of herconservative bikinis whilemy other twofriends wore theirbikini's as welland Mark saton the beachwith his t-shirt.We were alllaughing and everythingbefore the girlswent into thewater.

He beganto move towardshis maniacal wife- that cunt.I wouldn't standfor it. Enough!"NO! You're GOINGto fuck me.You are goingto fuck me."I didn't pleadwith him. Ifucking demanded it.I came hereto get fuckedby this beautifulbastard and thatis what Iwas going toreceive.

Lisa pulledher arms downwith their fingersstill interlaced. Sheheld his handsat chest leveland looked athis fingers. Shereleased a softsigh of reliefwhen she foundnothing unusual.

"Doesyour boyfriend livewith you?"

Inthis the youngergirl was verydifferent than themother. She tasteda bit different.Certainly her flavorwas different thanGreta's was now.More like theGreta I firstfell in lovewith. But mostof all, Cindyseemed more activeand passionate thanGreta ever hadbeen when Iwas eating her.

Rachel shook herhead slowly. "Malenature maybe, butnot human nature."She looked athim intensely. Theeyes were cold.Suddenly Jason hadthe feeling thatshe knew everythingabout him; almostas if everymotion he madeor every thoughtin his headset off sometype of alarmin her. Itwas a newfeeling for him,am almost eroticfeeling of dread,kind of likethe fly mustfeel as itrealizes it's caughtin a webwith no hopeof escape. Hereyes narrowed. "Whatdo you want,Mac? Do youwant to controlme?" She reachedover and puther left handon his groinand squeezed slightly,causing an instantreaction. "Maybe youwant to tieme up, Mac?Is that it?Tie me upin silk scarvesand do whateverit is thatyou want tome? Maybe ripoff my pantiesand slam your'throbbing love muscle'into me? Isthat it?"

"Idon't like... thefirst one -it sounds ugly.I suppose pussyis not toobad."

Hegrinned, "The samecompany that makesthe cameras andthe bugs makesthe detectors."

Vickicouldn't help aninstinctive glance overher shoulder. Itmade me jumpback just asinstinctively. "I'd wanthim to fuckme," she moaned,her orgasm rising,"I'd want himto push hiscock into myasshole and fuckme there, allthe way uplike you do...."

"Yes," breathed Sanaiiinto his shoulderwhere she hidher face, butwas unable tohide her hungerfor the tasteshe craved. Afeeling of deja-vupulled strongly ather mind, butshe was tooinundated with physicalsensation to ponder.

I wasn'tsure what shemeant at firstbut when shestarted pushing myhead down Iunderstood. I triednot to thinkabout what Iwas doing asshe guided myface to hermessy cream filledpussy. The smellwas strong butonce I pressedmy tongue insideher and Jillbegan to respondto the stimulationmy tongue wasgiving her, Iwas able toput the factthat the sloppymess I waslicking out ofJill's pussy wasa combination ofher juices andJohn's semen. Ijust concentrated onbring Jill toorgasm.

It wasso absolutely hotto see Ted'sbig hairy bodyup over Cindy'spetite form, ramminghis massive cockinto her wetwide open cunt.She began tocum in along intense spasm,eyes open, lookingup at hertormentor, getting fuckedas she neverhad in herlife. Karen andI sat back& watched Tedpunish her withhis fat hunkof meat. Tedlet himself downon her leavinghis total weighton her, buryingher with hismass. But herlegs were stillwrapped up &partly around hisass as hepowered her intoan extreme orgasm.

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nude indian modelswanted I've hadmy share ofboyfriends, and Idon't have problemgetting guys. Ihave a smallframe and I'mshort at about5' 3". Ihave nice roundbreasts, not toobig, but effective.For an 18year old, Ididn't look atday over 15or 16 andI think thatreally turned onolder guys, atleast I hopeit did forRick. As wemoved into theliving room hewas rattling offinstructions as Inodded blankly toobusy admiring himto pay attention.He finished up.

I had decidedthe best placeto do thiswas in amotel room sothere was noterritorial problems. Menand women canbe so funnythat way sometimes,besides this wayI did nothave to worryabout the housebeing a disasterzone.

She stoppedsucking withdrew herfingers from hisass and gotup. She reachedinto another caseand withdrew afour inch longone inch widecurved dildo. Sherubbed some lubeon the endand inserted thedildo into hisass. The dildocurved just soit was pressingdirectly and firmlyinto his prostate.She then turnedon the vibration.The dildo startedvibrating and rotatingaround in smallone inch circles.She turned itup and thecircles got alittle bigger aswell as thecircumference of thedildo itself. Itwas now twoinches wide. Sheleft it running.

"No," saidEmma, thinking shesaw a twinklein Kasumi's eyeswhen she saidthat last part,

"You like mycock up yourass, don't youaunt Deb?" Iasked.

"Oh really,that's interesting."

Shecould not evenlook at Joe'sface – shejust cannot butthrow her headbackwards and offerher full grownboobs to Joe'sthirsty mouth. Joewas sucking onher boobs fromleft to rightand back toleft, sucking likea hungry babymilking his mother.While Joe seemedso thirsty oflove, Pamela cannotbut feel beingneeded once again,clasping Joe bythe hair.

Masterleft this morningfor work. Iam normally upand making breakfast,but I wasdead asleep inbed when heleft. When Iwoke up apackage and acard sat onthe table. Iwas as excitedas a littlegirl and tooka minute toreflect on him.

"I love tomake love toyour sweet pussy.Your love lipsare warm andwet, and Ithink they liketo kiss me."

Red and Wolf?She moved intohis cave andher tale becamethe most talkedabout story intown. The storybecame legend, thenit turned tomyth, and allfacts were switchedaround 'til noone knew whatwas fact andwhat was fiction.But the storyremains: the girlwith the littlered hood andthe wolf thatfell in lovewith her.

This completed theblood flow intomy cock makinga tent outof my shortsand soaking thefront with pre-cum.Sandra came overand started torub my backand her sistersass while rubbingher tits onme too.

Andshe left theroom. I gotdressed and mademy next appointment.That was thefirst time I'deven left thegynecologist's office witha smile onmy face andwanting to comeback.

Anew thought, oneof absolutely curiosityarose. It hadbeen lurking justbeneath the surface,held back perhapsby the fearof consequence ofwhat danger Masseymight be facing.The Doctor, againquite uncharacteristically, wasresponding specifically toher questions, andonly to herquestions. She triedanother, "Doctor, willthis wear off?"

"Well I shouldintroduce myself," Isaid as thetwo sat downin their chairs."My name isMaria and thisis my brotherJo. We justfinished unpacking mythings as Ionly enrolled atthe college today"

To his wideningeyes, I toldhim, "If youput your shirton this otherbed, we won'twrinkle it duringthe night."

Lookingat the poorwoman on thesofa, Josh couldtell she wasmuch shorter, apetite little thingcompared to thetall redhead. Hershort brown hairwas done upin pigtails, tiedwith red ribbons.She wore ashort red mini-skirtand white thigh-highhose that wasgarnished with smallred bows aroundthe top. Shelooked like asexy little schoolgirl, with herwhite shirt andshiny black oxfordshoes.

Theone thing thatI couldn't figureout was whythe person whohad done ithad used thatsong. After all,my friends hadno clue thatmy boyfriend jacked-offto the imageof me. Atleast I hadn'ttold them. Soyeah, that wasweird. It wasstarting to becomeharder and harderto push offall the tricksas the workof my friends.

I hearyou crunch onthe ice. OnceI am surethat you haveswallowed all thewater, I grabyour right breastwith my stillcold hand. Irub it aroundyour breast andI can feelyour hard nipplepoking me inthe hand. AsI do thisI start tosuck on yourleft nipple again.You cry outagain at thedouble assault. Itry to suckas much ofyour large breastinto my mouthas my tonguesweeps across thenipple.

Icouldn't have stoppedmyself. I slammedinto her andfelt all thatcum grease myway. I fuckedas hard asI could andshe was cummingin moments. Ididn't last longand followed rightbehind her asI shot myload into herand added myselfto the cumbath she wascarrying. She wassmiling when Ilooked at heragain and thescent of wellfucked pussy filledmy truck. Thatwas what Ismelt earlier, herthoroughly fucked hotlittle cunt. Shepushed me awayand sat backup with herlegs spread. "Notbad baby, Iwanted you sobad I knewI wasn't goingto last. Thenext time wefuck I wantit long andslow!" Holy shit,the next time.I know she'smarried! Oh shit!!!

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card digital citiescamera "Daddy, youmust hurt," Sweetiewhispered.


Shondrawas a careerwoman, in thesame oranization asWendell. Like him,she was wellqualified and intelligent,only nowhere nearas accomplished. Hewas paid more.He had amuch larger officewith a betterview and moreexpensive furnishings. Damnit, he evenhad a better-lookingsecretary than shedid! He wouldalways be moresuccessful - andwhy? She knewwhy. It wasbecause Wendell hada cock betweenhis legs. Anotherwoman in herposition may havefound a differentoutlet for herfrustration, but notShondra. She hadfound the perfectsolution. To othershe may havebeen a veryinfluential man tobe shown respectat all times,but to herhe was nothingmore than awhimpering little whoreshe controlled -a toy forher pleasure andamusement. As hismistress, she heldhim and allhis power inher well-manicured hands.

My cock wasalready hard, andthis time Ithink it gotbigger than itnormally has inthe past. "Welljudging by thatthick knot betweenyour legs, I'lltake that asa yes," Shenaughtily answered herown question. Itold her towalk slowly towardsme so Icould inspect hernakedness in motion.She took hertime stopping afterevery step tomake sure Icould take itall in. "Damn,what an incrediblesight you are," I toldher. She gotto me andstraddled my lap,took the cigarfrom my mouthand took adraw. She inhaledit deeply, blewher smoke inmy face andasked if Iwas still hungryfor some dessert.I reached aroundher and caressedher back andwaist in myarms.


Suddenly theblonde's head jerkedup, feeling someonewatching her. "Hi."A blush creptup her cheeks."I guess Iwas nodding off."

"Yeah! I'msure. Besides, you'resupposed to takemy stockings andgarters off beforeyou put mein bed."

Ihad noticed thatshe orgasmed rathereasily now ascompared to whenwe first married.It seemed thatwe were gettingmore in touchwith each otherin our lovemakingnow. All Iknew was thatI really lovedmy wife andhad no eyesfor anyone else.Megan was mywhole world asfar as Iwas concerned.

Theirconversation stopped andabout a minutelater, I feltpressure on theopening of myass. I didnot even botherto turn aroundas his well-lubedcock easily slidinto my stretchedass. His pacewas reckless, alot like Kyle'sand nothing likehis friend's, andwhile he wasnot going tobe able tobring me toorgasm, it stillfelt better thana root canal.

I saton the bedprocessing all thisnew information. Ina few minutes,I heard theshower turned off.A few moreminutes later, Barbaraemerged from thebathroom with atowel around herself.

He called forhis cronies tohold my asscheeks wide, hewas finally goingto get someass. I gaspedand he plungeddeep and hisfriends cheered himon and slappedmy face asI let outsounds of pain,telling me toenjoy the assfucking I deserved.Finally after anotherorgasm raging throughmy body theold man camewith fury inmy ass andwithdrew his cock.They all stoodthere staring andI could feeltheir eyes. Ilay limp andsilent as theywalked away laughingand bragging aboutthe playtoy.

A female voicefrom halfway upthe staircase makesme jump.

Shesmiled and ledme toward oneof the fewopen tables leftin the place."I'm Dave McNaulty,"I said betweensips of beer,"I noticed youas soon asyou walked in.What's your name?"

She really soundedlike she wasclose; I sloweddown and settledinto an easyrhythm. I wantedher hot enoughto use thetoy, but notto come yet;it worked.

Iguess I waslooking at himslack jawed, whenhe told meVicki really enjoyedwatching him suckhimself while shehas her legswrapped around herhead, masturbating herwell exposed pussyfor him asshe watched. ContortionistSex! Wow!

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interracial lesbian storiessex "I don'tunderstand."

"Come andstand beside meso we canwatch daddy's cockgoing up Julie'sass I amsure you willenjoy watching hertake it allup her assknowing that soonyou will havemy big toolfilling your assagain."

"Are youawake Steven?" Iheard Katrina mumbleout.

"Ok youtwo! If youwanna unload, thendo it inthese two oldfaggot's mouths! You'regoing home! Ihave unfinished businesshere!" They bothlooked at mein surprise, butto give themtheir due, theyimmediately stopped abusingJeanette and switchedtheir attention toGeoffrey and Bob.

"I will tellthe king!" theservant said, andI heard footstepsas he ranaway.

"Ocourse it mat-,look, who areyou?"

Jason lovedhow it feltto have Karen'sbreasts pressing againsthis chest whilethey held eachother tightly. Theirkisses continued, brokenonly when therewas a needto breathe, orwhen one ofthe other wantedto kiss orcaress some otherarea of theirpartner's body. Theykissed and lickedeach other's necks,shoulders, and cheeks.Jason managed toplant kisses onthe dimples oneither side ofKaren's mouth, whileshe slid hertongue into hisear, an actionthat felt sofantastic he gaspedand shuddered. Sinceit felt sogood when shedid it, hetried it, too.Her response wasto giggle softlyand bite himon the shoulder.

He asked meif I didn'twant to takeoff my shortsso I'd benude too, partof me wantedto, just toput me onan equal basiswith this othergal, but partof me wasworried about theother guy seeingthis as aninvitation. I didn'thave to waitlong till Ashtonsuggested we lookfor a placeto throw downour towel. Ineeded a cigaretteand thought thismight be agood idea.

Itold them Iwas going topoke around townfor a fewdays and wouldspend time withthem most evenings.Dad offered tolet me useone of theircars which Iknew he would.

The next photowas a fullbody shot ofher sitting exactlywhere she wassitting now. Herlegs were crossedbut she wasobviously panty less.The hem ofher nightgown waswell up onher thighs.

Idared to askthe questions Ineeded answered.

Ithought a minute,and told hershe was climbingout of ahole, and thatwhen she gotto the top,she should stopand look overthe edge ofthe "hole." Sheclimbed right up,acting for allthe world likeshe was peeringover the lipof a holewhen she gotto the top.Clearly, the subjectcould only acton the informationthey were given,and whatever "truth"they were livingin was whatthey would reactto.

"I guessI'm a littletoo shy," Imuttered.

Then, shefelt a handon her face,pulling the blindfoldaway.

A weekor so wentby and thephone rang oneevening in responseto the ad.On the otherend of theline was asexy sounding juniorthat needed somehelp with Calculusby the nameof Steve.

As he hadbeen in thewater for alittle while, heheard a largesplash in thewater.

Outof the darknesscame a lowgrowling sound. Ifyou've ever triedto take foodfrom a dog'smouth, you knowwhat it soundedlike. Every timehe spoke, thewarmth of hishot, sticky breathconsumed me. Itmade me shrinkback in terror.

"OK?" I asked.

I knocked lightlyand listened withmy ear tothe door. Icould hear somemoaning, I suddenlyfelt worried thatsomething may bewrong. Or werethey moans ofpleasure? I didn'twant to takethe chance; Islowly opened thedoor and peakedin.

Reluctantly, Lawrenceand Nancy easedapart, and hissoftened cock slippedfrom Nancy's asshole,pulling free witha juicy, lewdsound. Larry sawNancy's ass didnot close upright away andremained open, aninviting, dark cavernfor his lust.He lifted herto her feet.Soon they werehaving more funin her shower,soaping each otherand running theirhands over smooth,wet skin. Nancywas amazed whenLawrence dropped tohis knees onthe shower floorand kissed herwet ass cheekswhile he cleanedher rosebud withhis soapy finger.She shuddered withthe penetration, rememberinghis anal love,hoping to experienceit very soon.

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teen porn cleanerphotos Knowing thiswas probably areally bad idea,I still couldn'thelp reaching intomy shorts andreleasing my stiffcock. The headwas huge andalready purple fromthe short converstation.I ran myhand up anddown it justa few timesand some clearpre-cum was oozingout in afairly steady streamalready.

Coach lookedamused. "Are yousure that's thegame you wantto play? Ihave a prettysweet stroke, youknow," he mocked.

"You stay outsometimes all night– sometimes fora day ormore with thesepeople doing…"

Their concept included2 nightclubs thatwould regularly featurelive music andthe third entitywould be anupscale strip clubthat caters tocouples. Each ofthe nightclubs wouldfeature a distinctlydifferent style ofmusic, possibly varyingdepending on thenight of theweek.

Mymusings were distractedby a flashof movement severalhundred yards downthe ridge tothe east, wherethe trail tothe lookout emergedfrom the trees.Was it anotherbear? I'd seenone in justthat spot twodays ago, abig cinnamon-colored sowwith two cubs.No, this wasa human! Igrabbed the binoculars.A man inshorts and teeshirt leapt intoview. He hada daypack onhis back andseemed to stillhave a springin his strideafter a steepfour-mile climb fromthe trailhead. Icouldn't quite makeout his featuresat this distance,but what Icould see lookedpretty good. Hell,Quasimodo would havelooked good tome at thispoint. I wasfinally getting avisitor! Oh damn!The place wasa sty! Iscurried frantically aroundthe cabin pickingup clothes, books,my neglected artsupplies. Actually, therewasn't that muchto pick up;I hadn't broughta lot ofstuff, knowing thatthere wasn't roomfor it. Ilaid my violincase on thealidade. At leastI'd washed thedishes. Yikes, Iwasn't wearing abra! I duginto my bagof clothing andfished out theonly one I'dbrought, a lacyflesh-colored item. No,dammit! I hadn'tworn a braall summer andI wasn't aboutto start now!My tee shirtwas a littleon the thinside but itwould have todo. My shortswould have todo as well,even though therewas a bighuckleberry stain onthe butt. Hardto avoid ifyou sit downto pick berries.I took anotherlook out thewindow. He wasnowhere to beseen! The trailwas empty! Where.. .

Iwant to tellyou about afantasy of mine.I hope youhave fun readingit. Since thisis a smalltown, I won'tuse anyone's realname, but maybeyou'll be ableto picture themin your mind'seye as youread this. Ifyou're interested, pleaseread on, andif not, thenjust throw thisletter away. Imay never knoweither way, butI hope thatyou keep reading...

Two weeks latershe changed again.Before she startedthe induction, shewould say, "Youwill try toresist, but you'llgo under anyway.That's just theway it is."I would tryto resist andI'd hear herlaugh just asI drifted away.

Reggie smiled gladhe didn't haveto 'convince' herof her ownbeauty. She straddledhis lap andtook a drinkof his bourbon.Then 'accidentally' spilledit down hischest.

Terri andI walked upto them.

About a half-milelater, the monasteryappeared ahead. Builtinto the sideof a hill,it had thatfamiliar architecture ofthis world, thehigh arches, thewide windows betweenthem. Adhal architecture,and she wonderedas she approachedif they hadbuilt the place.

I was lookingdown at him,"Hi Georgie." Thepuzzled look onhis face eliminatedany need fora question "Idon't want youto miss whatI'm going todo to Aliceand you couldn'ttake any morewithout losing it!"He gave abit of anod, but saidnothing. It toldme I wasright, however. Anymore pain andwe would havelost him. Hewas hurting plentyas it was,but I hadno doubt thathis little erection(which was gonefor only thesecond time sincewe had startedthe day before)would be backsoon.

"Your... cock...your little my ass..."

Her expression wasdefinitely one oftrepidation, but shegot up andheaded that way.

Very strangely hermanner had suddenlybecome more normal– but stillI said nothing.

I felt apang of nervesmixed with guilt.Mr Thompson wasstuck in bedstill and Iwasn't due thereagain for afew days. Whatto do?

"I'm a salesmanager for aJaguar dealership herein Fort Worth."Blaine replied. "Myuncle's the generalmanager so youcan figure howI got the

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girls pissing inswimsuits "Nick wasembezzling from thecompany… he wasgoing to pinall the firm'slosses on youand send youto jail! Ididn't offer tofuck him, buthe did forceme to cumfor him andI'm sorry!!"

LikeI said, Ihad always respectedher privacy growingup. Even thoughI was ahorny teenager, wheneverI masturbated inmy room Imade sure shewas never home.Otherwise I didit in theshower. Now thatI was alwaysout with friends,she practically hadthe whole houseto herself. Wehad both grownup living inthis house sincewe were about8, so wehad adjusted toit well overtime.

We allsat down tosome sausage andeggs, chatting hereand there, Alisonsmiling at mea bit morethan usual. Momsaw this severaltimes and grinnedas well asshe looked overat my expression,but as I'vesaid Alison's smileis contagious andso I didn'tsuspect mom tohave heard anythingor know whathad happened thenight before.

Ieased my headup to investigatehow Tracy's pieceof satin wasretained on herbody. I foundtwo neat bowstied on thetop of herhips so Igently pulled onone and itcame undone. Reachingback I turnedthe camera backon & filmedthe wonderful expanseof thigh fleshbefore focusing onthe damp triangleof satin. Itwas a shamethe camera couldn'trecord the smellof her pussyas well. Whilestill filming Ireached up &pulled on thecords of thesecond bow, whichinstantly released thelast restraint onthe satin triangle.I slowly peeledthe damp triangledownwards, finally revealingTracy in allher glory. Tracy'smound was aneatly trimmed bushwith full redexcited lips showingthrough, with atrace of comeon her pussylips. I zoomedthe camera into record thisspectacular sight. Thenit was timefor pleasure soI switched thecamera off again& then slowlyeased forward torun my noseup the centreof her pussylips, and slowlyextending my tongueto trail acrossthe moisture skinas my noseeased up levelwith her clit.My tongue easedTracy's warm damplips apart &got the firsttaste of hersex. My cocksurged as Igently licked up& down herpussy, gently increasingthe pressure somy tongue couldpress further insideher. The tasteof Tracy's pussywas out ofthis world andbeyond my comprehensionthat I wasactually doing thisat all.

"Thankyou." She sniffedand wiped atear from hereye, and thensaid, "I'm KarenWilson. I appreciatewhat you're doingfor me."

Aftera few months,I hardly noticedhis body anymore.Well just alittle, here andthere. I wasafraid my staringwas obvious, butI drew moreattention because nomatter how hotthe Texan summer,I never waswithout my longsleeved shirt. Itook some ribbingfor it, butI never strippeddown.


"SeeI told youTrish" Lee saidas he heldhis sister tightand began tospin her aroundplayfully.

"Cool thatworks for me."Darnell replies. "Letskeep our fingerscrossed and hopeto hell thatall goes rightthis morning." Darnelland his brotherarrive at theirjob site forthe day. Theybegin their work,and all seemsto be goingas scheduled. Justthen all workstopped as Darnellwas beginning toget very angry.

"And your bemy fuck slut?"

Holding her headwith one hand,I capture herlips once again,this time notas patient asbefore. Thrusting mytongue into hermouth, dueling withhers, I lowermy other handto unbutton herblouse. As Irelease the firstone, my lipstrail down herchin, over herthroat to thebare flesh beyond.She is murmuringwords of encouragement,letting me knowshe very muchlikes the wayI touch her,and this knowledgeheightens my desireto bring herpleasure again andagain. Cupping herbreasts outside herblouse, I liftthem, pressing themtogether, my thumbsslowly circling hernipples, flicking, andlower my head.Hovering for amoment, I imaginethe sight ofher full breastsin my hands,her exposed fleshmounding above herbra, and lowermy head further,my nose ather cleavage, inhalingher scent deeply.Her fragrance, verymuch like mine,yet still somuch her own,intoxicates me, andI have tohave her… soon.

Jason handedthe girl themoney and thencaught the bagof tacos shepractically flung athim. Pulling forward,he handed thebag to Claireand sighed.

Then,everything fell intoplace, her hipsmatched the smooththrusts of myhand. I spedup, a littlebit at atime, feeling herwhole body gettingtighter and listeningto her moaningand begging changeinto a louder,less coherent trainof "oh mygod"s and "ohplease"s.

While thevideo was makingmy pussy moist,I was notto the pointof dripping. Shetook another tissue,reached down insideher sweat pantsand wiped herself.I could seea slight shudderpass through heras the softtissue rubbed overher labia. Shelaid the tissueon the coffeetable in frontof her withthe other one.I could seeher wetness glistenon it. ButI thought, thiscould embarrass herif it isjust a one-personthing. I reachedout and tookone. I hadnever touched myselfin front ofanother woman. Shehad seemed soun-self-conscious when shehad wiped herself.I took thetissue and reacheddown inside mylounge pants. Myhand was metwith a raisingheat and muskyaroma from mypussy. I ranthe tissue overmy pussy lips.I caught mybreath as Idid so. Itfelt better thanI had planned.

"How old areyou?" Rachel askedher young trainee.

"What areyou?" she askedraising her voice.

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russian holiday pornrussia I hadn'tmarried myself, concentratingmore on mycareer in theearly years andthen becoming setin my waysfound it difficultto take theplunge. This beingthe case, atthe ripe ageof 45, Ididn't have anyfamily of myown and toan extend thismade me closerto my brothersfamily and especiallythe children, somuch so thatI was fairlyexcited on thelong drive upfrom London andthe prospect ofseeing them allagain after sucha long gap.

Red-faced and outof breath, Sarahrested a moment,while maintaining herperch. Turning herhead, she said."I've thought fora long time,that you've neededa good spankingand fucking. Well,now's the time!"

"What could youhave seen?"

Onthe walk downa dark andwinding footpath tothe hotel, Mikekept bumping intome. He waswalking very closeand I keptmoving over togive him roomas his handkept brushing myass. After threeor four times,I finally startedto think itmight not bean accident. I'dtried the samemanoeuvre many timesin high schoolto cop afeel of someunsuspecting date.

Those next 15minutes were thelongest minutes ofmy life. Icouldn't believe whatI was thinkingI was aboutto do, butI was morethan ready todo it.

Now,you need toknow that justlike Jake doesn'tmatch the stereotypeof black guys,I don't matchthe stereotype ofwhite guys. I'vegot a thick,ten-inch cock, andJa'Nell's eyes gotwide the secondshe saw itspring free. "Susantold me itwas huge, butmy God..." shestammered. "I've alwayswanted to befucked by ahuge cock likethis."

By thesixth rep herarms were onfire - butthere was somethingelse as well- she wasexperiencing an uncomfortablewarmth at theintimacy of thesituation.

She hatedherself for doingit, but soonshe was showingherself off forthe camera.

"Makeme your bitch"I yell again.

"'s OK... I'llahh..try back later,"Lydia answered nervously,hanging up beforethe word 'later'was even outof her mouth.

As they leftthe store, Lizzieand I huggedeach other. Ourplan was alreadyworking. We'd justsold three bottlesof expensive perfume,thanks to myperformance. Now itwas Lizzie's turnto change intoher revealing outfit.For Lizzie, Ichose a veryshort red sundresswith buttons allthe way downthe front. Sinceshe'd worn pantsto work, shedidn't have anyhosiery to wear.All she hadto wear underthe dress washer bra andher white cottonbikini panties. Thedress was sleevelesswith a lowback. After shebuttoned the dress,I told Lizziethat her brawas hanging outall over theplace and thatshe needed toremove it. Lizzieargued with mefor a while,but she couldsee in themirror that thebra was toobig for theskimpy dress, soshe went inback and tookit off.

Brandonclasped his handswith Nate's. "Well,Nate and Iwant you tocome live withus, and, nooffense to mymother, but wewon't listen into your phonecalls, either."

Henryto look atwas quite scruffyin his workclothes, but hehad these amazingeyes that litup the roomwhen he walkedin, he'd askedfor his usualegg and baconroll with adrizzle of brownsauce, paid his£1.50 and offhe'd go againwith his fellowwork mates.

Wesat and talkedsome more. Iwanted to prolongit but Ihad to getgoing before Igot too tiredto drive home.

You groan, yourvoice deep, gravelyand husky rumblesfrom deep insideyour throat; youglide your shaftalong my moistslit, gently teasingme feeling myfluids coating yourcock in mysilken sweet dew.I gasp asyour shaft scuttersacross the nubof my clit,again and againit transverses thesensitive mound ofmy pearl, eachtime I groanlouder with thesweet punishment yourcock is inflicting.

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videos sex pornamateur "Which pantiesof mine werethey?"

Heather breathesheavily for afew seconds andsays "We wantto tell youthat we bothwant to beyour girl friendat the sametime. What Imean is thatwe want tohave a three-somewith you. Whatdo you think?"

"You have beendoing very goodwork, and Iam looking forwardto this. .. report," hesaid with asmile. "I hopethis isn't toopersonal, but youshouldn't work solate. You shouldbe out ona date orsomething. Do youmust have aspecial boyfriend."

"Yes,sweetheart?" I replied,not looking upfrom my book.

"No, wrong guess...actuallyI like tovisit the cinemathey have here,they show somevery good films, about youjoining me? Wecould watch thefilm together," Iglanced over againtowards Barry, Ithought about Roger'soffer.

Danielle gotup off thebed away fromToni, pushing Coltondown into achair, her blueeyes transfixed onhim as shekneeled down andtook his cock.Her mouth washot, and hefelt a smallelectric charge assoon as Coltonfelt the warmthof her moutharound his massivedick.

Duncankissed her pussythrough her pants.

"I'll be okay.I'm just goingto suck himoff again andleave. I'll meetyou back atyour place later."

Kenny's tongue foundStacy's hot littleclit. He suckedon it makingStacy cum witha long andslow orgasm. Stacy'sback arched upoff the bed,her head bentback supporting her.Her legs shookuncontrollably during theentire orgasm. Ihad to stopstroking my hardcock to keepfrom coming atthe same time.

The other girllaughed. "In there?They're animals! Thoseguys were allover me," shepaused and lookedover Julissa's outfit."I was wonderingif they'd behaving someone likeyou come around,they sure coulduse it." Anotherlaugh. "But Iguess they're allwarmed up foryou sweetie, goodluck!"

In thecar on thedrive home sheasked, "so whatdo we haveto do beforewe leave onSunday?"

"You ok?"

With her headtilted to theright she smiledsoftly, stepping towardhim. She wasn'tsure when herfather had gottenso attractive, butthe thought thatshe realized hewas attractive wasa little disturbingto her. Shegave her voicea little clearingas she steppedtoward him.

He remembered Saralying on himin the darkroom when thedoor opened...

"Don'tworry," she said,laughing at mybewildered expression. "Heknows the procedure.He'll have allthe information ready.If anybody elsecalls, tell themto call backlater.

"Hey!" hesaid, breaking outinto a smile."You can't laughat me! Icame across hereto help you!"

I pushed inharder and faster,grabbing one ofher legs upto my sideto push indeeper. She wasmoaning like crazy,the pleasure wasbecoming too muchfor her andher orgasm wasnear. She reachedaround and grabbedmy ass, pullingmy cock into the hiltof her hotcunt.

My dailyroutine never variedfor the nextthree months andthen one dayMrs. Edwards tellsme of herupcoming trip toAustralia to seesome archaeological sitewhere the firstBritish house downunder was built.Emily and Rachelwere to accompanyher on thefour-week trip andI was tostay home andkeep the houseopen for Mr.Edwards.

"Terribly sorry,Lila," I said."I just gotcaught up inthinking of howsociety's condemnation ofthe refuse whichsociety itself createspresents a fascinatingparadoxical paradigm. If,for example, welet A equalthe garbage wesee all around

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adriana lima blackboobs I wasabout to refuse,when Riki nonchalantlyshrugged off herrobe and foldedit neatly ontothe table infront -- lettingher slim fingerscaress the fabric,and smiling provocatively,while she askedhow much I'dput up againstthis garment. '20',I mumbled, takinga deep swallowof the beer...'50',Laslo replied promptly,while Riki tooka chair herself-- angling towardme and crossingher fabulous legs.We debated theissue for atime, until Rikichuckled and saidshe couldn't possiblylet it gofor under $30,"all things considered".

I turned fromyou, putting myback to yourside, using yourarm as mypillow. I knewwhat you woulddo, you alwaysdid. You turnedon your side,your other armcoming around me,your hand slidingunder my armand slipping overmy breast, moldingit softly withyour strong fingers.My nipple hardenedinto the palmof your hand,the resulting pleasurestirring an achein my loinsthat had mepressing back intoyou. I couldfeel the hardlength of yourcock against theseam of mybuttocks.

AsHarlen blinked atthe sheer beautyof the sceneand the assaultof lovely scentupon his nose,Hyandai grabbed hisshoulder and pushedhim down. Theywere now crouchingbehind a thickbush, with whiteflowers covering itssurface. Peering overthe edge ofthe bush, Hyandaismiled like achild, pointing withher thumb, thenlooking back over.

"Patience, my love,patience. All thingscome to shewho waits."

Iwas feeling verybold and daringnow.

"Sure," shesaid with herhusky voice. "Let'sgo!"

"Huh?" shesaid, picking upa brochure forthe CATO Institute.

As shereclined she lickedsome cum offthe corner ofher mouth withher ever-dexterous tongueand smiled likea contented cat.As I crashedonto the bedI could feelmum rearranged herselfon the bed.

By reading it,you certify thatyou have accessed/requestedaccess to thismaterial willfully, andthat you arean adult 21years of ageor older.

"Well, " shethought "this isyour chance girl,go get him."

"That chilled hima bit. Hekind of layback pouting. SoI watched Wendydeep throating Cruz.When she fuckedher boyfriend, theyskipped the oral.This was thefirst time Isaw her givinghead. At leastto a guy.Her technique wasbetter than mine."

I could seethe devilish lookin her eyeas she toldKathy that shewas going toget it now.She told Kathyhow much Tommylicked when shefelt his ballsand that itmade him intoa maniac. Withthat she reachedunder and startedto play withour balls. Runningher nails lightlyover our swollennuts. The feelingwas incredible andboth of ourcocks swelled andwe began torabbit fuck bothof her holesas fast aswe could. Themore she touchedour balls theharder our cocksgot. Kathy startedto scream asshe felt ourcocks expanding andcame on mythrobbing rod. Ifelt her pussypulsing on myswollen member andcause Tommy's andmy cock toexplode, filling herass and pussywith our cum.

A firm,hard cock nudgedher cheek andshe smiled asshe turned herhead to takein the familiarsolid cock sheknew so well.The fingers tracingher moistened clitwere removed andreplaced by aninsistent, probing tongue!She stiffened momentarily;if it washer husband's cockshe was suckingintently, and itcertainly was, thenit was clearlysomeone else ather heavenly gate,but who? Iwatched mesmerised andwondered what shewould do. Halfof me wantedher to calla halt buthalf of mewanted to gothrough with whatshe'd told mewould be theonly way she'dever participate ina threesome withtwo men. Iwas partially relievedwhen she gavein to theexpert tongue ministrationsof the stranger(no stranger tome, of course)and she relaxedback down onto the bedcontinuing to tenderlysuck my bynow very stiffcock.

"Whydon't you getthe towel fromyour room andcome over." Shesaid as sheopened the doorto her room."In the meantime I willbe through."

Roccowas moaning andtelling her howdirty she was.Kirsten was moaningaround a mouthfulof cock. Buttmanhad given upfingering her toconcentrate on filming.The scene wasabout to getpretty wild, thesexual energy inthe room waspalpable; I'd neverknown anything likeit before. Thesetwo people wereso into whatthey were doingthat everyone couldsee it, andthis was Buttman'sintention, he knewthat if thecrew were allstanding around withhard-ons then theviewer would getthe same result.

"I'm glad itwas just you,Daddy." She confessed,"It's nothing youhaven't seen before,even though maybenot for afew years." Shelaughed again, andthen proceeded togive him thehug she'd setout to givein the beginning.She leaned into him, restingher full breastsagainst his chest.Snuggling against him.She felt thetowel pull upas she puther arms aroundhim, and sheknew that herpussy was exposednow. She movedover just enoughso he couldsee her barecunt. She felthim lift hishead slightly, andknew he wasgetting a betterlook. She openedher legs slightly,showing him herfull, swollen pussylips covered lightlywith blonde hair.

"When hefound out thatmy sister andher husband werepaying all theexpenses he agreedto let yougo no problem."A smug smileplayed around hislips and Isat back heavilyin disbelief. Thewaiter placed ourfood in frontof us andI didn't touchit.

"Morning sweety,"Jim said ashe placed thefood tray overtheir laps.

Dougsaid, "I amdoing you afavor. Getting intoa redhead everyonce in awhile is goodfor you."

Still,having no oneto talk to,he almost joinedher once againwhen he bumpedinto Leah. "Hello,Kevin," she said,her voice softand almost shy.

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lesbian erotic moviespanties "Nothing aboutcars, just theregular bills."

Igot to workon her carand I wasjust washing offthe soap, whenDi appeared aroundthe corner, Ipretended not tosee her andsprayed the waterall over her,in a matterof seconds shewas soaked. Iswiftly apologised, butI could nothelp but noticethat her nippleswere beginning topoke through hertee shirt. Althoughher breast werenot large, shehad nipples thatbegged to besucked and Ibecome aroused justthinking about it.But Di, whomust have beenaware of mygaze, quickly saidthat she hadmade coffee insideand would joinme once shehad dried herselfoff.

Gene suckedat his teethas he pouredover yesterday's numbers.They were quitehigh, and Philiphad asked fora report explainingthe sudden change.Usually they werein the doubledigits, representing anormal day's useof the computersystem's library. Butfor some strangereason yesterday's enormoususe of thefile server causeda crash. Hehad determined whyjust a fewshort minutes beforeit had actuallyoccurred, but hewas getting overtimeon this andmade himself seembusy. Walking everywherehe moved quicklyand with apurpose, furrowed brow,and a determinedconcerned look paintedon his apatheticface. Everyone gavehim some space,and no oneof the usualcrowd asked himstupid computer questions.After seven yearsin the "IT"sector, it wasessentially the soleperfection of hisentire career. Theappearance of beingbusy while hidingthe apathy inside.Masking the harboredanger for lazypeople using himas a crutch;and the contemptof their muchgreater salaries.

Anyway,on to whyI'm standing outsidemy home at2 a.m., mytwo beautiful littlegirls sound asleepin their beds,staring at thisgasoline. The reasonwas Colin.

She was slowand tender andyet so hotand passionate. Herthigh pressed rhythmicallyon my moundas she rockedherself against me,her hips dancingagainst me asthey had atthe Pearl. Icould feel thebrush of herpussy against thetop of myown thigh, amoist teasing tickle.I lifted myleg a little,pressing it upinto her, andshe moaned, herbreath puffing againstmy skin. Shedipped her tongueinto the hollowat my throat,then slid fartherdown on mybody, leaving atrail of kissesbehind as sheworked her wayto my leftbreast. Her pussyskidded hard againstmy thigh inthe same momentthat her mouthenveloped my nipple.Both were hotand wet andslippery, and combinedwith the intensestimulation of mynipple, the dualityof the sensationsover-stimulated me. Iwas full-body blindedfor a fewseconds: seeing nothing,feeling nothing, utterlyblue-screened. I thinkI even forgotto breathe.


"Come onin, Doctor, I'llfill you inon my trip.I'm sorry, Nicole,I didn't meanto leave youout. How haveyou been? Ableto hold everythingtogether?"

I heardkeys in thehallway and knewit was timeto panic. Iturned the camoff and gotmy boxers halfway up mycalves when Sarahwalked in.

Atthat moment though,Dr Bartlett walkedback into theroom and Amy'sattention was suddenlyfocussed and undivided.How she wishedthat he'd rubhis crotch againsther as heworked. That wouldmake Dental visitsmore appealing shedecided.

"Why youdid not makeme hard, someoneelse did that.I only saidyes cause youoffered to suckme when youwalked in, andfound me jerkingoff." he toldher then walkedaway leaving herthere.

With afinal glance, sheharrumphed softly. Nomagic of herown, indeed...

I'm satisfied. "Youmay now masturbatefor three minutes!"

Jennifer's anal attackwas driving mecrazy besides keepingmy cock hard.I couldn't takeany more. Ihad to fuckher, and now.I stood upand walked aroundbehind Jennifer whowas still kneeling.I pushed herhead down tothe floor andwiped my cockup and downher asscrack.

"So has everyonedecided what they'rewearing to theend of schoolparty?" asked Sandrawhen Jane returnedto the table.

"Thank you,Angela. You've passedthe interview withflying colors. Justas I knewyou would. Welcometo my home.I'll introduce youto everyone soonenough. Right now...sit back andrelax. If youwant to stop,just say, 'peanutbutter.' Your chairhas been programmedto do whateveryou want. High-tech,but worth everypenny. I'll giveyou a completerun-down on everyoneand everything whenwe're done... andrested."

Then thehands descend toher pussy, andyou can seefingers being pushedinside her. Youremember how, onlylast night youhad been tastingthe sweetness ofthe same pussy,and that thought,coupled with thevictims helplessness, startsto turn youon, and youfeel the dampnessforming at yourown crotch, andwithout realising youare doing it,your tongue beginsto lick yourlips, as ifyou can stilltaste her.

Ginaparked and turnedout the lights.I could feelher eyes onus as wecontinued groping eachother. My cheekswere wet fromall the kissingand Steve wasrubbing me sonicely that mylegs kept openingfurther as Ihunched forward againsthis fingers. Steve'sfinger pressed theflat seam ofthe jeans deepbetween the lipsof my pussy.

Oliver's skinwas damp, chilledand goose-bumped, althoughas Sebastian's handworked its wayup his thigh,he found thatthe cold hadcertainly not gotto everything. Itwas a madrisk to run,and how thiswould all finishwas further onthan he wishedto look rightnow. He hadto taste him,feel him. Lookinghad no waybeen enough...

Ournew house wasan expansive one,with a lotof property becauseof the zoningin the area.It was alsobuilt on theedge of forestland which waspart of thetown's reservoir system.That was oneof the reason'swe bought theplace: the factthat no onewould build behindus...ever. I decidedthat I wouldtake my beerand stroll intothe woods alittle bit, finda nice shadyspot and enjoythe weather andtime away frommy host/chef duties.

"It still sucks,the way theylook at me,"I said.

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kung fu hustlershirt PART ONE

"I know thisdoesn't make upfor what Idid, but hopefullyit will stopyou from attackingme." Your voicecame from behindthe door asthe flowers werethrust even farthertowards me, revealingonly a hintof your arm.

"They are smallmetal balls thatare supposed toclink together asyou walk andexcite you sexually."

I pulled thebike into theinn's parking area,turned off theengine and dismounted,hitching the bikeonto its stand.

I looked downat my daughter,her eyes staringback up atme, pleading forme to sayyes. I lookedat the womanshe has become,she was beautiful.Her nipples hardenedon her morethan ample breasts,her smooth stomach,and her perfectlyrounded hips weremore than alittle exciting. Ileaned down andkissed her, "I want tomake you happyhoney, you havebecome a beautifulwoman. If youwere not mydaughter, I wouldnot even hesitateto bed you.If you aresure that youwant an oldfart like me,I will bemore than happyto accommodate you."

She turns tolook at himand he pullsher in frontof him sohe can adjusthimself inside ofhis trousers.

"Huh? Oh! Whatwas that?" sheasked, still inshock.

* ** * *

"Ok, enough alreadyJanie – justremember who's bossaround here, you,OK."

Theother soon cameto join inand it wasn'tlong before theyhad stripped medown to justmy black stockings,suspenders and highheels. They lovedmy shaven cuntsaying how theybet it hadgiven a lotof pleasure toa lot ofmen. One ofthem soon hadhis cock buriedto the hiltup it fuckingme hard untilhe cum deepin my cunt.The other tookhis place immediately.I saw thefirst one disappearout of thecaravan but hecame back shortlybringing several ofthe other fairground workers withhim. There werelots of cheersas they sawme naked, withmy legs overthis guys shouldersstill being fuckedhard and mescreaming out forhim to fuckmy cunt harder.

Glen's steadily wideningeyes repeatedly scannedthe maid's heavingbosom as shecontinued to standjust inside thedoorway, staring blanklyat the painfullythrobbing girth juttingup from hisgroin.

Carol keptswallowing all mycum, as Ikept pumping hermouth full ofsperm.

"Sarah truthor dare?" askedScott.

I lowermy hands witha relieved sigh,confused about myreaction. But itis not over.

Readjusting hisclothes, and withan ass fullof spunk andsun-cream, Sebastian wonderedwhy Andy hadwaited till nowto fuck him.After all, ifit had happenedbefore this, hewould have madean effort topiss Andy offmore often, andhad a repeatperformance that wasslightly more tohis own convenience.

Sada leaned againstthe doorframe ofthe dance studio,watching Alastair. Shecould not takeher eyes offof him. Hedanced in sweatpants,and only those.She knew hewasn't practicing theirnext performance, becausehe hadn't shownit to heryet. He wasjust letting offsteam, and itwas amazing towatch. Sada stood,completely rapt, ashe danced, shiftingbetween his usualfreestyle and, toher surprise, break-dancing.Wow, she thought,licking her lips.

With a blanklook, Sue said,"Huh, what's shetalking about? Peopledon't do thatsort of thing,do they?"

WhenI said "dogfashion" she wentdown on herelbows and knees,so I couldlie over herback, with myprick buried inher cunt. Shewriggled finding mea good position,groaning as Ibanged into her."Put your armsaround me." "Rubyour fingers aroundmy clit." "Keeprubbing "she yelledas she rammedher arse backinto my body.

"Why isshe so realto me thoughDoc?"

Igot it. Theyleft before Ieven got up.Oh, yeah, thatearly meeting.

Duringthe next houror so, Sueand Amy serveddrinks, and chattedwith the guests.They watched asvarious groups ofpeople stroked andpetted each otherin a varietyof ways withoutactually removing anyarticle of clothing.Both girls hadbeen caressed, fondledand fingered byvirtually every handat the party,and were nowso horny theyfelt they'd gocrazy if theydidn't cum soon.

The Global Leagueis the rulingparty of aplanet called Xaxis.Xaxis is ruledby women, menare used forslave labour. Thewomen, you see,have special powers,which the men

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amateur men picszoosex I reallymissed Gail andmany a nightI would masturbatethinking of herbeautiful fat littlebody. I rememberthe firs timewe had sex.It was downby the creekwhere we wouldgo to swim.It was awarm summer afternoonand we wereback in theshade resting whenshe took offher top toshow me hertits. Up tothat point wehad only touchedand fooled aroundsome. But onceI saw herlarge round titsand those rosynipples it droveme over theedge. I jerkedmy trunks offto show hermy cock. AsI lay thereon my backmy cock swelledto a sizeI as proudof.

Mycock dropped downin front ofher face. Itook hold ofthe bottom ofthe shaft andbrushed the tipagainst her lips.She shut hereyes and openedher mouth.

"YesI am!" Jessicabreathed in myright ear catchingme unawares again.A brief shiverran through meat the intensitythat the whisperhad conveyed.

Aftertaking a deepbreath, Rob thenturned back toKathy and presentedher with theT or Dchallenge. "Dare," sheresponded while staringhim down.

"Jerrysaid that, didhe? He fillsmy wife's pussywith sperm anddemands I cleanit out? Whatmakes Jerry thinkI will dowhat he wants?"I asked.


Several minutespassed this way,Dave alternating breasts,Starlight enjoying thestimulation, until shecould take itno more. Shewasn't sure exactlywhat she wantedto do next,but she knewit would involvebody parts currentlyunexposed.

The desk.The books. Thedroning of theair conditioner. Allof these thingscome slowly backinto focus asyou come downfrom your peak.You feel mycock slip outof you, andmy cum runout into yourpanties as ourbodies slowly peelapart, as webecome once againseparate people, professorand student. Quicklywe reassemble ourselvesand embrace againfor another kiss.We chat. Weagree to meetat the lecture,perhaps afterwards aswell, and wesay our goodbyes,for now.

Backwhen I wasa freshman incollege, I metmy good friendSarah McKinley. Shewas always wilderthan me, andalways encouraging meto be moredaring. She wasalways the girlat the partywho would drinkmore shots oftequila than theguys, and thefirst girl atthe party toflash her breasts.(Actually, she wasusually the onlygirl at theparty to flashher breasts.)

"Gettingnervous, Nissa?" hepurred, sliding overto the bedand resting oneknee on theedge. "Changing yourmind?"

"Kate youare really turningme on youmust know howexcited I am,"

"What?" Iwas stunned outof my fog,still rocking backand forth inher.

I threwmy head backand gasped, desperatelytrying to forcethe word "no"out of mymouth, but notfinding the coherenceto do so.I wanted herso badly, andI knew itwas wrong, whichonly made mehotter. I reachedfor her head,knowing I mustput an endto this beforeshe took mein her, butto my surpriseKendra stopped beforeI could touchher.

"You dirtylittle whore." Thevideo was over,all that playedwas the snow.

Hurts sogooooood….

I gotup when Daddyput his cockback in hispants. He lookeddown at meand smiled.

"RebelRouser." She groanedas if itwas a painfulthing to say.

"We have todo something aboutthat mess," Iheard Tammy say.

And with that,she was evenmore reckless removingthe two ropesdouble-wrapped around thebases of mycock and balls,causing more screamsfrom me. Yeteven though thishurt like hell,I was relievedas it wasover, and nowI'd be untiedand allowed togently make loveto Lika withmy sore cockand have anorgasm myself. Whenthe strings werecompletely unwrapped andoff my cock,the blood inmy shaft rushedout, and mycock went fromsuper-hard to athree-quarter semi hardstate and droopedover. Its purplecolor began changinginto a darkred, with thebruises not disappearing.

"You refuse toobey me Victoria?"

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big girls fuckingdildo He startstwisting his hips,screwing his cockin, reaching underher and findingher clit, pressingand rubbing it,knowing this isher weakness. Hefeels the changein her almostinstantly. She beginsmeeting his thrusts,moaning uncontrollably.

"Youare evading myquestion."

I feltgoose bumps runup my spine.I sort ofstammered, "Me too."

"But I mightwant to takemy girlfriend todinner."

"Now THATwas better thanany day-dream!" shewhispered

She startedto jog onthe treadmill, lookingstraight at herbrother as hebent and twistedthe Ab-chair. Shestared at hisstrong thighs, andthe substantial fleshbetween them. Evensoft, his peniswas impressive withits thickness. Lorifelt herself gettingwet between herown thighs asshe remembered howgood it feltto have himdeep inside her.

Theirs was aking-size, or maybelarger, bed thatfilled the centerof their room.Off to oneside was aneasy chair, whichI assumed waswhere one ofthem sat toread, or puttheir shoes on.On top ofthe dresser, therewere several skimpynightgowns. "I guessI won't beneeding these 'convincers'"Denise said asshe swept theminto a drawer,"Dave agreed muchfaster than Iexpected.". She satdown in theeasy chair, andsaid "I'll justsit over here,and watch youtwo for awhile". John andI just kindof grunted, sincewe were alreadyback to ticklingeach other's throatswith our tongues.

I knew instantlythat I wasin trouble asHe walked overto where Isat. I didn'tdare look upas He approachedbut I couldactually feel Hispresence standing overme. "I'm sorry,Master. I wasafraid." Silence seemedsuspended between usas I waitedfor Him tospeak or dosomething. "You agreedto serve Mebut I willkeep your lackof training inmind for therest of ourtime together, slave."I hadn't noticedthat I washolding my breathuntil I letout a sigh."I think Ihave a littlelesson that willteach you bothendurance and patience.Follow Me.", Hesaid, as Heunchained me fromthe bed. Hejerked my collardragging me behindHim as Helead me tothe middle ofthe room. Istood silently asHe tied myarms behind myback, folding thembehind me andtying them tightly.He then useda rope totie my armsup to ametal ring onthe collar, pullingmy head backand my armsup. I saidnothing as Hetook a ballgag as shovedit between myteeth, locking itinto place.

"Putit in me,Harry," she whisperedas she beganto lower hercrotch to mylap. "I wantto go allthe way onthe first try."Her heavy breathinggave away herarousal. She wasstill coming down.

"No, that's mywife," I answeredback and walkedcloser. Nancy waslooking up atme with afunny kind ofgrin on herface, her droolleaking down ontoher chin. Shenever said aword but shestill had holdof his cock.

"No," he gasped."Only willing ones.Only things I'dbe willing tohave them doto me."

Thenight began innocentlyenough, there wasn'treally any incidentsand everyone kepttheir hands tothemselves. The onlyreal problem wasTyler's occasional commentsabout either herlegs, tits orass, or abouther bending overto pick somethingup for him,and Richie's constantleering gaze followingher everywhere. Otherthan that thingswere going smoothly.She even managedto flirt alittle with Ben,although with everyone'seyes except Josh'swatching her, shecouldn't really domuch. Not onlythat but shedidn't want anyother comments fromTyler, she knewshe would getone if shesat on Ben'slap.

" Marie?"Cindy called outover the phone.

She took outmy cock, andlicked the shaft.She moved hertongue from thetip of mycock head tomy balls, cuppingand teasing myballs in herhands. "Hmmm, youtaste very saltytoday babe," shemoaned.

Both werefiercely sensual, butboth needed eachtype of physicality.

"No, Ican't do that."Maria replied.


I unbuttoned Rick'sshirt and wasplaying with hismasculine nipples; pinchingand pulling them.He moaned inresponse. Taking mytit out ofhis mouth fora moment, hesaid "Oh god,mom, that isgreat" and thenreturned to suckingmy tits.

Shesmiled, said hello,and reached outand took myhand and ledme in. Trueto her word,we went intoher living roomwhere she tooka seat onher sofa, smiled,and said ifI was braveenough, so wasshe.

Mike andTerri's attention returnedto the coupleon the houseboatwhen they hearda loud cry."Fuck me!" Theredhead yelled. "Fuckme up myass."

Theyall laughed.

Taking a pairingknife, Janet cutfive small, V-shapednotches in thesurface of thecucumbers. These ranfrom end toend and wereroughly parallel. Shealso used anold-fashioned peeler andpeeled the large

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granny sex cartoonsnl "Aye, itwas, Sir, andwe found thisbaggage among thewreckage."

"Oh, don'tbe silly. Haveyou looked around?See the ladyriding her manon your leftand to theright two womanare in anintense 69. Thisplace is allabout being freeand uninhibited. Don'tbe stingy, letDonna see yourstiffy!"

With thewarm water ofthe shower cascadingover us, welicked each other'ssweet pussies andI felt myselfbuild to climax.My whole boytensed as Icame, and Ifelt Jenny dothe same, quiveringeven as Idid, the sweetcream of hersex melting onmy lips.

The sky rangclosed above ourheads
Andthunder rang below.
I wonderedwhat would happennow
Atthe end ofthis, our show?

She mustnot have heardhim as hecame up thesteps, because heobviously startled thehell out ofher. She jumped,and as shedid, fell backwardsout of thedoorway, landing onthat fine asson the porchat his feet.She looked upat him, herface red asa beet.

"Whooee, Boy. Youare a load."

She mused onthis for amoment and thensaid, "You areright. I haveoften wondered whatit would belike to doit with anotherman, have hiscock sliding inand out betweenmy legs." Shewas almost mesmerizedby this thoughtand appeared tobe daydreaming. Suddenlyshe came toher senses andasked, "Would thatmake you jealous?"

Thomas did ashe was told.Kimberly stood overhim, and ranher hands overhis chest, downhis belly, andthen down tohis huge penis.She grasped ittightly, and hegasped with pleasure.She began atthe base ofhis penis, andused her handsto stroke himwith force, causinghim, to whimperwith the beginningsof desire forher body, notjust her hands.She stroked harder,smiling as hemoaned in fitsof pleasure. Shestopped, but onlyfor a moment,to switch hebodily position. Nowshe could reallyget him going.She wet hermouth, then lickedthe top halfof the penis,and began oralsex. She wentlightly at first,but after afew moments, shesucked harder, andharder, but justnot enough towhere he wouldcum. He wasnearly screaming withecstasy. She felthis large headin his mouth,soft, warm, andher tongue playedwith the openingto the headof the penisfor a fewseconds. The shaftwas soft onthe outside, buthard on theinside, and shecould feel theblood throbbing onthe bottom ofside of thepenis. She alwaysenjoyed that part.

I rubbed myeyes and tooka good lookat mom. God,she was stunning.Her strawberry-blonde hairpartially covered herexquisite face. Thoseincredibly sexy greeneyes. Her mouthwas wide, thebetter to fitmy…and even herteeth were perfectlydazzling white. Shewas wearing asheer nylon nightgown,her smooth roundbreasts clearly visiblebeneath the thinmaterial. I couldclearly see herdark, quarter- sizeaureoles and thicknipples rising fromthe fabric. Myeyes followed downto her tautstomach and curvymidsection. Stop. Shewas wearing nounderpants. Not somuch as athong. I couldplainly see thenarrow shaved lineof pussy hair.My cock startedits uphill climb.

"Just a littlebad?" she saidsoftly in hisear.

There wasa break inthe tape whereeverything went tostatic and amoment later thepicture return butthis time froma much closerangle and tothe side insteadof above. Itappeared that thesuper had movedto a lowerfloor and hadturned the soundup on thecamera. He zoomedit in asclose as hecould get andthen set thecamera on somethingsturdy, maybe thewindowsill Felicia guessedtrying to keepher head clearof the sexualfog that waspermeating it.

Jebheld Frances closeto his bigbody as thesweet and soulfultune blared throughthe now darkeneddisco. The alcoholof her daiquirihas long sincewarmed her bodyand has nowgone into herhead. Frances letJeb held hertightly. Then Jebaggressively put hisleft hand intothe small ofher back slowlykneading it. Francesmeanwhile closed hereyes as thealcohol and thesensation of Jeb'skneading took overher body. Jebintentionally slowly pressedand rubbed hisfully erect cockagainst her. Francesfelt Jeb's bigcock in hertummy as Jebkept rubbing itseductively on herbody. His handslowly travelled downfrom the smallof her backto her ass.Frances slowly sighedas she felthis left handheld her asstightly and rubbingit as themusic seems tonever end. Jebfelt her softass behind hersmiwsuit. The alcoholand the hardcock rubbing ather tummy madeher cling tightlyto Jeb andplace her headon his hugebreast. They kepton dancing slowlyand closely. Francesgrind her pussyon his legas they danced.Frances could justfeel his cockso close toher. And dreamily,Frances let himtake her inthe dance. Francescould feel herpussy getting sticky.Frances clung ontightly thinking onlyof the cockrubbing against hertummy and theman fondling herass. The thoughtof her drunkhusband now sleepingheavily in theirhotel room wasfarthest from hermind. Frances felther legs givingin as shefelt herself gettingwet.

"Ahem!"Ms. P saidclearing her throat,"I brought youa clean towel;the ones onthe rack aredirty." My eyespopped open andmy gut filledwith fear. Shestood there inthe doorway staringat me masturbating.To my surprise,Ms. P didn'tshriek and runout of thebathroom; instead, hereyes lingered overmy erection forwhat seemed likehours. In myshock, I hadpulled her pantiesaway from mypulsing member.

"Around back...and that'sthe first timeI've seen yousmile since Imet you."

Iturned on myCD player andas the easterntunes of BitstreamDream flowed softlythrough my roomI sat backdown on mybed, still inmy jeans andtank top. Myhands almost shakilyput the batteriesinto the vibratorsbase. I turnedit on andran it slowlyover my denimclad thigh, feelingthe small tinglesthrough the fabric.I sighed softlyand laid backon the bed,placing my barefeet to restnear my thighs,spreading them slightlywide. I ranthe length ofthe toy upmy legs andover my stomachto gently teasemy nipples andeven through thesmall layers offabric I couldfeel them tightenin response. Smallsounds of happinesswere coming fromthe back ofmy throat andI couldn't helpbut unbutton myjeans.

"Thankyou, Miss Conaway."

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hottest porn stripperstars When thetight was onthe floor nextto all therest of ourclothes I kneltand started kissingthe inside ofher thigh. AsI started kissingI suddenly realizedthat Carol hadher right legand Pat hadher left. Sittingas they wereon the couchPat's and Carol'spussies didn't havea leg betweenthem. I reachedunder both legsand pulled themtogether so theywere hip tohip. I stuckmy tongue intoPat's very wetpussy and startedeating her. Isavored the flavorof Pat andthe feeling ofher pussy thenI switched andmoved over toCarol's wet pussy.

"The changingrooms are justover there Steven,I'll be backin a minute."The way Mr.Laveroc smiled leftme nervous, butI walked overto the changingarea, admiring thepool on theway. What couldhe be upto?

"Theother side ofthe county? Butthen we've beendriving for-"

Sheshivered again, andasked him tostop the carso she couldrummage through herbags for achange of clothes.He parked bythe side ofthe road, andshe pulled outfrom her abag a t-shirt,a sweater andanother cotton skirt.Blushing slightly, shealso pulled outa pair oftiny pink panties.

Carol told themthe story ofthe barn andthere was asurprised silence. "Wellnow, you aren'tthe innocent youappear to beare you? Whotook you tothe barn?"

"Lately,I've been toldthat I do."

She felt himpull it outslowly, then feltthe weight againleave the lounge...She somehow knewhe had notleft, could sensehim standing overher silently... Shelay there panting,waiting for herbody to recoverfrom the assaultshe had justexperienced wondering whathe was doing,what he waswaiting for... Suddenlyshe felt thehot, hard streamof hot liquidas it splashedagainst her breasts,then felt thestream trail downher stomach, thenrealized that hewas urinating onher...

"Wewould have gottenyou a drinkto cool off."Josh said.

Irolled off Keliand lay onmy back nextto her. Whenher moaning ceasedand she returnedto normal, Itold her thatwas more likeit. Keli saidthat she hadnot done toobadly for herfirst time. However,once the condomproblem was solved,she would nowneed my cockin her pussyas well, soshe could comparethe experience. Itold her Iwould be gladto do that;who was Ito stand inthe way ofscientific research?

Heput his handover it andpushed it backdown. That onlymade it harder.He let outa slow breathand tried notto groan. Whywas he soaroused?

"I'd loveto eat outtonight if that'sokay?" Vanessa saidwhile shooting mea knowing glance.

Every time hepassed her throbbingcunt, she pressedback against him.He loved totease her. Shewhimpered and moanedas he wiggledthe tip ofhis pole againsther erogenous zones.He waited untilshe relaxed, thendrove his tooldeep into herpussy with onehard thrust. Shescreamed out inpleasure. The warmwalls of hertight tunnel grippedhis shaft ashe stroked her.He thrust inand out ofher, rapidly. Hisballs bounced offof her skin,making a slappingsound. He reachedaround her, grabbingher tits, pullingher all theway against him,so that shewas only onher knees. Hegrabbed her armsand held themtightly, against herbosom. Her chestheaved every timehe rammed herjuicy cunt. Sheground herself againsthim as hermuscles milked hisrod.

"Wearyour Catholic schoolgirloutfit, with pigtails.It always turnsyour mother onmore to thinkof how muchwe are debauchingyou."

"I warnedyou didn't I?"

" They'll bewondering who thatis from, ohit is sucha wonderful prank."Ebenezer says witha smile tohimself. " Nowoff to... Ibelieve a visitto the 'Richfor the Poor'foundation is calledfor."

Jason felther coming andcould no longerhold back. "Yeah!Oh, yeah!" hecried, blasting hisjuices into her.

"I hope youtwo weren't comparingnotes on mewithout me hereto defend myself,"Anne said sippingat her wine.

I look downat the floorand try towipe my facebut you stopme, and thenyou take atowel and wipethe food away.I lap alittle water frommy water bowland then youcall me overto the bed.I am alreadydripping in anticipationof more lessons,and I crawlover quickly. Youtell me toturn around sothat my assis facing you,which I doobediently.

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lesbian sex masturbationphoto Stacey's confidencegrew as hecaressed the woman'sbody. He knewhe was givingher pleasure andhis cock grewharder and beganto throb. Soonhe would getto make lovewith her! Hecould hardly wait!

It was lateJuly and hotand humid inFlorida and wedreaded getting alldressed up forthe wedding. 90%of the timemy wardrobe consistedof shorts andt-shirts and inAnne's case miniskirtsand tanktops. Weshared chores aroundthe apartment, Icleaned and didwash and sheshopped and cooked.Of course toconserve wash Iforbid her towear any underwear...Ididn't have totwist her arm!


"So, tellme, is theresomeone?" he askedin a huskyvoice.

"Whatthe fuck justhappened?" I askedmyself out loud.

"Oh it feelsso good...mmmm..." Shemoaned and startedriding him, leaningforward to pressher tits againsthis chest. Heheld her hipsand closed hiseyes as shedid all thework, moaning andbouncing. Then Tomapproached her witha bottle oflube and startedrubbing it intoher ass andall over hercheeks. He puta finger inher asshole andshe started cummingon top ofSteve. She screamedand moaned andclosed her eyes,but continued toride. Tom gotcloser and positionedhis cock ather butt.

Anidea occurred outof that observation- the timingbefore departure feltlike it fitted,and my timeon the stagehad taught methat the scenewas now definitelyset, and mustbe acted out- I smiled.

I kissed her."Whatever you say,sweetheart," I replied.

"I don't wantto buy you,although no matterwhat happens betweenus I've setyou up witha house accountso you'll beable to gambleall you likewhile you're here.I don't wantto intimidate you,I just wantyou, but Ionly want youif you're willing."Again I'd dranknearly all mynew drink.

Surely not! Shewas not surebut she wasalmost certain shecould feel Simon'sflaccid cock twitchingagainst her thigh.She reached downand her fingersencircled his cock.She gave aquiet chuckle.

"Youcertainly have away with words,"she smiled, teethgleaming white, knucklesunder her chin.She thought healso have away of makingher pulse racedexcitedly as hereyes wandered overhis eye-popping bicepsin his T-shirtsleeves with everymove he made.She liked menwith muscles butnot too muscularlike Schwarzenegger's. Jason'swere perfect. Andhe could beprotective. She imaginedslipping into thosearms like shebelongs to him.It was happening.

"Oh, let methink, will Imind you strokingmy dick forany reason whatso ever?" saidTyler, stroking hischin, like hewas deep inthought. After abouta second heresponded, "After longthought, I havedecided that Iwould be finewith you strokingmy dick anytimeyou'd like. Youcan do itnow if you'dlike."

Unable tospeak she smiledback at him

Over the pastyear, they hadmet for coffeeregularly. Sophie hadnot mentioned loveagain and Davidgradually began torealize that thisdisappointed him. Shudderingslightly, he triedto pull himselftogether. She's justa girl. Hecouldn't be fallingin love withher!

"Sue, Iknew you wouldlike what Idid to yourpussy with mymouth because itis something Ialso enjoy."


"Oh wait!Yeah wait! I'mgoing to befucking four mentonight?" NO WAY!"I turned toleave and Joshuacame up tome and whispered,"It would bea shame fora beautiful womanlike you togo home alonewithout at leastthe benefit ofa few goodorgasms, don't youagree?"

I toldher my realname, and shecharged it toher cell phone.

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gay hardcore sexvideo Her fatherwalked behind hercupped both herbreasts in hishands and nuzzledhis lips againsther neck. Shefelt his hardnessagainst the crackof her assthrough his pants.He playfully nibbledher ear whilemessaging her tits.

"Okay. Thanks."

"Nothing,well, it shouldbe nothing." Isighed and lookedup at him."I miss thefucking between us."

I had goneto Alaska ona business trip.For three weeksI was 6000miles away fromanyone I knew,so after thefirst week Idecided to treatmyself to alocal strip club.I walked inand enjoyed myselffor a whilewhen one ofthe dancers approachedme. She introducedherself as Lulu,which didn't takemuch to figurethat was astage name. Wetalked for awhile, I toldher I wasthere on businessand had decidedto stop into enjoy myself.She asked ifI wanted togo into abackroom for afull body massage.I'd never hadone, and wasn'tsure exactly whatit was, butit sounded delightful.I had barelytouched the perdiem my companygave me, soI accepted.

"Fuckme!, Fuck menow, while I'mCuming!"

Jim backedoff her clit,inserted his fingerdeeply into herpussy and whisperedencouragements to her:"That's it, Princess.Just let itgo. Feels sogood, doesn't it?!Yeah... you're squeezingmy finger sohard... you're sotight! Oh, yeah,baby... cum forme... cum foryour Uncle Jim...!"

"Tell me exactlywhy you haven'topened your bookto study forthis final andwhy you don'tseem a bitworried about thestupid thing?" Belindademanded, pushing herred hair outof her eyes.

I went awayto college -a State University,actually. Again, inaddition to theclasses there wereall the socialactivities. I dated.I had manyfriends, both maleand female. Ifound that thoughtsabout a handsomeclassmate or acomely coed wouldgive my sexa tingle. Igraduated with amajor in ComputerScience and aminor in BusinessAdministration.

"Why not?It's hard. Thatmeans it wantsattention."

* **

"By thattime I wouldhave saved upenough money toretire to theGreek Islands, whereI could lazein the sunand masturbate whileI watch allthose young Adonisesplaying in thesurf," she pointedout. "At leastI can ifmy daddy hasn'tdestroyed the ozoneover the GreekIslands too bythen."

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Shelooked down ather feet. "Becausehe is acop," she said,almost too softfor Sam tohear.

"OhJoel. I'm sohorny. Fuck me,"she blurted out.

June the womanI had lovedfor twenty yearshad betrayed mewith an arse-holeCasanova, from myown firm andthen told allmy colleagues andfriends what shehad done. Notonly had shedestroyed our marriage,but also shehad made itimpossible for meto remain inmy job. Icouldn't for thelife of mework out howshe had cometo find outabout Sheila. Sheilawas the familysecret; my childrenand myself hadkept June inthe dark abouther for tenyears!

"You willbe beaten, often,and for noparticular reason otherthan you arethere to bebeaten," he lectured.

"Oh you slylittle devil. You'realready thinking aboutgetting into herpants, aren't you?"

'Mmmmmm - let'shave a lookat my cockthen,' She purredas She gentlyundid the laces.The gentle frictioncaused by theunlacing and theanticipation made Hercock even harder.

Interviewer: Oh, wellI can seehow that's different.Moving on, then.

Reaching under herskirt I pulledher panties downto her ankles.I looked upat her beautifulyoung face andsaw the lustin her eyes.Returning my focusto her hot,young snatch, Ilicked her withwild passion. Herpussy was wetas my tongueprobed her virginslit.

He didn'tsay anything, justmoved me gentlyso that Iwas sitting comfortablyon the couch,then pushed mylegs apart andknelt between them.

Nikki instructedMark to kneelbehind her andtake her frombehind, while Terrylaid on thebed in frontof Nikki, legsspread. Without waitingfor Mark, Nikkiopened her mouthand took Terry'scock into hermouth. Nikki couldn'thelp thinking –gorgeous woman ontop, and gorgeousman on thebottom … thebest of bothworlds to satisfyNikki's sexual cravings.

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hardcore video pamelasample The girlcame outside. Denisewore a simpleblack bikini. MistressMona shook herhead. "You can'tswim in thosedarn shorts. Thatmaterial is entirelytoo thick. Whenit gets wet,it will bemuch too heavyand cumbersome -you'd probably drown!"She smiled. "Noproblem though, youcan swim inthe nude!"

Isat at atable near thewall so Icould watch everyone.There were maleswith males, femaleswith females, maleswith females andothers of uncertaingender together....a potpourriand a bouillabaisseof eccentric anderotic characters, allthrown together andready to beserved.

"What stuffis that, Ben?"she asked knowingexactly what hemeant.

"No way!Get her tofuck us all!"Paul laughed.

I'vejust had thehonour of givingGina away, ather wedding toDan today! Andwe're all atthe reception now.

"Ohhhh, God!" Preityhalf hissed, halfmoaned. "GIVE itto me! Giveme your Cum!Fuck your whore!!AH! AH! Ahhhooommmmmmmm!"Preity gasped asshe began toshudder. Her orgasmhad arrived again.

I hadlost track ofeverything by thistime and amalmost ashamed tosay that Ihad forgotten myhusband, so immersedwas I inmy own pleasure.It was onlywhen I felthis hands grippingmy waist andraising me awayfrom Eva's lipsthat I becameaware of himand realised whathe was goingto do. Iwas now onmy knees, doggystyle, my facestill close toEva's perfumed pussy,with Paul kneelingbehind me andstraddling Eva's face.He was goingto fuck mefrom behind withEva watching frombelow us justsix inches away.His prick seemedbigger than Ihad ever feltit but Iwas so wetafter Eva's attentionsthat it slippedsmoothly in forthe whole ofit's swollen length.I let outa deep contentedsigh before Evaput her handson my headand forced myface back againsther cunt. Iwas in ecstasyand experiencing whatseemed like onelong orgasm, butI wanted toplease and satisfyher as muchas she hadme. I hadnever made loveto a womanbefore, I don'tknow if Evahad. Licking agirls vagina isjust something Ihad never evencontemplated before butI wanted todo it nowas expertly asshe had doneit to me.I explored everycrevice with thetip of myown tongue, tastingthe subtle flavourof her cuntbefore seeking outher clitoris andteasing it untilshe screamed withthe unbearable pleasureof it. Asshe did soPaul shafted mewith increasing force,bringing on yetanother orgasm inme. Then hepushed it inas far asit would possiblygo, further intomy belly thanhe had everbeen, and stoppedmoving. I heardhim tell Evato lick himas he wason the pointof shooting hisload and wantedher to bringhim off bylicking his balls.I pulled mylips away frombetween her thighsand looked backbetween my ownlegs, and sureenough she wasdoing as heasked, running hertongue through thehair on hisballs, back roundbehind them tothat ultra sensitivespot that anyman will tellyou lies behindthem. I couldfeel his prickharden and swelleven more beforehe eventually burstinside me andboth Eva andI felt themassive pulsing spasmof his orgasm,me through myswollen, wet pussyand her throughher tongue whichwas now pressedup against thepoint where hisshaft disappeared insideme, further stimulatingmy exposed clitoriswith the tipof her tongueat the verymoment Paul wasejaculating deep insideme.

I steppedout, and hemet me, waitinguntil he wasbehind me asI walked tothe door. Heplaced a handat the baseof my spineand guided metowards the entrance,as he reachedinto his otherpocket for akey. He unlockedthe door, andlet me goin first. Itdidn't go unnoticedto me thathe locked thedoor behind him.

"Oh!" mybest friend Jennagasped, looking hardover my shoulder.

Back in theliving room, Marniewas sitting atthe foot ofthe couch bedand flipping throughthe TV channels.She had aglass containing somethingamber colored. Sittingthe way shewas, the shirtshe wore hadridden up quitea way. Icaught a glimpseof red panties.I went aroundto my bagwhere I hadset it onthe other sideof the bed.I pulled outa pair ofboxers and glancedup at her.My cock wasabout half hardbecause of theflash of panties.

'Oh my God,Sammy,' she groaned,giving a sortof grunt whenI probed deeperinside her. 'Ohmy God,' sherepeated. 'That feelsso fucking good…oh… yes.'

"Youmean Jim hadinvited another guyover and youdidn't know aboutit?" I asked,my dick swellingmore than Ithought was possible.

"And mine too"Sharon said asshe walked inthe kitchen. "Now,what am Igoing to dowith you two?"she asked foldingher arms againstthe kitchen benchwhile pushing hertit valley deepdown.

She couldfeel the headof his enormouscock rubbing alongthe ridges insideher pussy whenhe pulled backand she lookeddown to seeher belly bulgeobscenely when hepushed that horsecock back insideher. She closedher eyes, herhead falling backagainst his shoulderand held onto the strapover her head...a wild fireignited between herthighs that spreadinside her body.Her nipples pushedhard and tightagainst the fabricof her dressand her breathcame in littleaching gasps ofpleasure in rhythmto the dickpumping in andout of herbody. She archedagainst him; herbody shivering violentlyas she beganto cum.

She grinned atReno, "Collaring mealready?"

"OK, Whatdo you suggest?"

She climbed outof the oldChevy and slammedthe door, whichwas a signof frustration, butshe wanted tohave the lastword. In herway, Hailey wasslamming Rob andnot the cardoor. She stampedher feet onceand turned andwalked to thefront door. Mr.Cramer was surelygoing to havea fit andshe would belucky to havea job bythe end ofthe day.

"Doesdaddy feel protective?Does Daddy wantto protect hislittle girl fromother men?"

"Ohhh…yes,"Tabby moaned.

Iloved how herhot pussy grippedmy manhood, andI began toreally fuck herfrom behind. Islapped against herass over andover, causing hercheeks to shakewith every impact.

She sniffleda couple oftimes and stoppedcrying. She wasn'tconcerned about anotherjob, and Paul'sheart-felt, yet naïvewords did nothingfor her. Hermind had leftthe scene altogetherand was seton one thing:his touch. InSam's mind, ithad been muchtoo long sinceshe'd felt thetouch of anotherperson, let alonea man. Itstirred inside ofher and suddenlythis friendly touchexcited her tono end.

Jeremyonly murmured somethingbefore licking Jason's

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young nude ladiesboy "I knowshe your maand I ain'ttrying to disrespecther, but shecan be areal bitch." Hakimsaid as nicelyas he knewhow.

A coupleat a nearbytable moved theirchairs to afforda better view,the scent ofsex mingling withthe intense aromaof Italian food.The waiter whohad enjoyed Madiepreviously sat atan empty tableto pretend togo over hisreceipts for theevening all thewhile watching intentlyfocused on herglistening pussy, clearlyvisible from thisvantage point. Herubbed his erectionwhile shuffling thepapers on thetable.

I reachedover and grabbedthe KY jelloff the nightstandand lubed mycock. Then Imoved up closeto her bareass and raisedher leg highin the airand put mycock in hertight little gloryhole. I pushedtill it slidall the wayin.

"Oh! Wait.It hurts. Stop.Joe" She panted.

"Does my babylike this? Doesshe like Daddytaking her assfor the firsttime?" I heardhim ask pullingme out ofmy thoughts. Hefelt his handmove up andgrab my hair,pulling my facesideways so Ican see him.I could seethe lust andthe power inhis eyes. Igroaned as Icould feel hiseyes pierce intomy soul.

Alexwas furious. "Enough!"he thought, "Ireally need toget my lifein order andI must getsome sleep. Theyjust can't carryon like this."

My husband,Rod, and Ihave been marriedjust over 12months. We celebratedour anniversary theweek before lastand it hasbeen a veryhappy marriage. Welived together for3 months beforewe married and,of course, wehad fucked lotsof times beforethat. I am26 and Rodis 29 andwe have knownone another forabout 5 yearsaltogether. I livedfor a shorttime with aformer boyfriend, John,who was agood friend ofRod. I hadbeen with lotsof men beforeJohn and Rodbut that isanother story.

We went outfront and grabbeda cab. Thisbar was abit farther awaythan I hadthought. When wegot there Isaw that itwas in thered-light district. Hookerswere on thestreet corners andthere was anadult theater rightnext to theplace John wastaking us.

Ithad all startedone night whenwe had myfriend Andy overfor dinner. Aftersteaks we satin the denand worked onour second bottleof wine. Louisesat next toAndy on thecouch while Irelaxed in therecliner. As wewere laughing atsome of hisjokes, I becameaware that Louisewas sitting unusuallyclose to Andy.She had herlegs folded upon the couchand was leaningan arm onhis shoulder.

Mitchmust not haveliked her callingme cute –'cause he grippedtighter on myneck. Between that,and the pressureof his strongmuscles trapping myarms I wasn'tgoing anywhere. Itried to movemy legs andget some leverage,but between hisgrip and Mika'steasing touch Iwas rendered vulnerablein their grasp.

* * ** *

Denisefelt her juicesleaking out ofher pussy andrunning down thecrack of herass, gathering ina wet patchon the blanket.Beer stains, shegiggled. Not exactlythe most likelyexplanation for theother stains. Thethought slipped awayas fast asit had comeand she concentratedon her handiworkagain. First one,then another fingerjoined the onealready lodged inher pussy. Herhips increased theirtempo, pushing herclit against thepalm of herhand with eachthrust.

She thenlooked up atme with tearsin her eyes.

"What happenedlast night? Tellme about Paul".I said.

"Takeit easy withher man!" Tonyexclaimed. "She gotone tight littlepussy!"

Laura satbeside them onthe couch. Herhand sneaked upKelly's thigh andthen stayed ather pussy, rubbingand probing it."I hope youdon't mind ifI put myhand on yourpussy, do you?"Laura looked evillyat Kelly, butKelly had hereyes clenched shut,and growled throughher teeth asBen began movinghis cock inand out ofher ass, pushingdeeper each time.Laura kept herhand on Kelly'spussy, and pusheda finger inside.

"About what, wantingto meet me?"

"I was goingto follow theway Dad toldme he likesto warm Mumup, which wouldmean me strokingand kissing allthe way downto your toes.As it is,I don't thinkeither of usneeds that, do

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nifty archives gaycafe Sharon explainedto Sweetness asbest she couldwhat had happenedand where theywere. And rehearsedas much toherself as forSweetness' benefit thehorrors they hadbeen through. Shetalked and shetalked, disjointedly, ramblingly,punctuated with questionsof how Sweetnesswas, less froma need toknow and morefrom a needto hear Sweetnessreply through theglobules of tears,mucus and bloodin her mouth.Every now andthen, Sweetness wouldinterject with "Joy.Joy's dead. She'sdead." She wasevidently trying tocomprehend the enormityof her situation.

"I need youto take meto the mallso I canbuy gifts beforethe holiday hits.It's seven daysaway and I'mempty handed," shereplied. "Please, Jack.I'll give yougas money."

Thegood news forall of thehorny young girlsand guys who'dplaying house latelywas that withWayne involved, therewas now aparent who wasdeathly afraid ofhis daughter's gettingpregnant. Happily Waynehad a friendfor life whowas a doctorwith a practicein an adjacentcounty. While performingvolunteer work, Waynehad helped savethe doctor's homefrom a centuryflood eight yearsearlier. Wayne couldhandle heavy equipmentbetter than theaverage 'dozer jockey';his ork hadrescued a numberof homes duringthat crisis.

"Iwas just supposedto take picturesof her, atthe request ofher husband." Isaid, loving theirony of thesituation.

"Justsuppose John walkedin while youwere doing that"

"WellI didn't forget.I've thought aboutit a lotsince then andI vote wespend our GapYear getting thewhole thing offthe ground."

"Yeahsomething like that.Oh hey beforeI forget totell you, Iasked one ofmy friends justto stop byperiodically and justcheck in onyou."

Her marvelousform slowly bentand twisted, herpallid flesh socreamy and soft.She continued tosize, pace, circle,and size againfor minutes, minutesI wished wouldnever end. Finally,she would putt.The ball wouldsink into thehole. The golfertossed her clubdown in triumph.The caddy ranover and huggedher. The golferhugged back, andgave her youngcaddy a quickkiss on thenose. The caddygave her asmooch on thecheek, then onthe lips. Thegolfer than envelopedher teenage assistant'smouth in agiant kiss. Thecaddy smiled afterthe kiss andsat on theground. The golferturned around, andundid her bra.Her breasts poppedout, big andsoft. They saggedjust a bitto prove thatthey were natural.

Of course Iwas shouting outmy protests invain, Frank hadno intention ofstopping and Iwas nowhere nearstrong enough tomake him stop.I grabbed athis blonde hair,trying to pullhim away buthe had mein a vicelike grip, andhis tongue wasso deep insideme I knewI would cumvery soon andthe son-of-a-bitch knewit too.

"Did you knowTed Billings?" Iasked, ignoring hisdig.

She smiled."I knew thatwould shake youup, but I'mserious."

"I liketo feel thefriction, so don'tuse any moreoil. Just stickthat cock inme now." Shesaid to him.

I opened wideand sucked himas deep asI could butI could stillonly fit halfof him inside.I started bobbingmy head backwardsand forward andhe kept shovinghimself a bitdeeper into mythroat. He mademe gag athis size, butit only turnedhim on more,doing it again.After a whilehe pulled outof my mouthand I wasfaced with hisfull size. Iestimated it ata good 11inches and almostas thick asmy knuckle. Helaughed when hesaw my eyes.

Several of themale customers gaveher admiring glanceswhen the maitrede seated them.Milt noticed, butcouldn't blame them.It was difficultfor him totake his eyesoff her, too.

'Why are youclosing your eyes,'he teased, asI fought thedizziness trying tomeet his gazeas shamelessly ashis own.

Hewas still standingwhere she lefthim, looking atthe few framedphotos she hadon her wall.He handed hera Styrofoam cup.

He slowly gotoff me andnoticed that mycock was startedto get hardagain. He reachedover and pumpedit a fewtimes with hishand.

Linds groanedand reached downunder the table,"I have totake these shoesoff, my feetare killing me."

Rose walkedJill into aroom that lookedlike an adultplayground with thecolors and paddedapparatus. "I'll haveyou stand here."

"Yes Master"

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Black Azz Girls Model

horse having sexstrapon I turnedaround and lookedat a vision,a vision ofbeauty. With mouthagape, I juststared at thevision.

Quicklyhe nods, pushingthe thought ofhim needing oneof the girlssuck him offtonight to theback of hismind.

I smiledat him andreturned, looking down,to my drink.I could tellhe was studyingme, trying tobe subtle, but. . .why bother?

Heburst out laughinghard. "I canassure you, yourhusband is onehundred percent heterosexual.The mere thoughtof getting iton with anotherman makes hisstomach turn, doesn'tit girlie?". Inodded my heademphatically; glad tobe answering aquestion I wantedto answer. "Youjust haven't toldhim to gosoft yet. He'sactually a veryobedient little boynow."

I shookmy head "No".I wouldn't letmy husband fuckme there. Ihad a boyfriendback in highschool who triedit. I hatedit. It hurtso bad Istarted crying andtold him topull it outafter only thehead was inside.So needless tosay hearing themtell me theywere going tofuck my assholeand that therewas nothing Icould do tostop it thistime scared meworse then themraping my pussy.

"Mmm thanksfor buying usthese hotdogs!" Karlasaid as shedevoured her hotdog.

Cammie stoppedto re-buckle oneof her shoesand I stoppedalongside her. Sincewe usually onlyspend this muchtime together onour yearly Halloweenoutings, I mentionedthat she's goingto have tocome up witha really goodcostume next year.

They both startedto talk atthe same time,but she raisedthat red nailedfinger, and placedit over hislips to hushhim for themoment. He juststared at her,he didn't wantto miss aword or gesturethat she made."I am sorryif I amdisturbing you, andI apologize ifI seem toobold, or forward,but I sawyou in yourdriveway this afternoonremoving the groceriesfrom your car,so I knewwhere you lived.I am newin the neighborhood,and wanted tointroduce myself underconditions better thanthose of thismorning."

"If I'mgonna get naked,you have toas well," hesaid in abored voice. Kendralaughed and pulledher robe overher head ina single motion.Chris blushed atthe sight ofhis mother's nakedbody, and hesat on thesofa and beganto take offhis shoes.

When I wokeup mum wassitting on topof me, slowlyrocking back andforth on mydick.

Britt wastaken aback bythe sudden changein young Oliver.Maybe he wasn'tsuch a wimpafter all. Sheobserved him. Hewas average height,slim build. Hisfeet looked toobig, his facewas fair andsplattered with freckles,black-rimmed glasses, anda mop ofbright red hair.

I'm a woman,and I reallyfelt the vibescoming from her.I had ona rather sheerblouse and mysexy, lacy slipand bra showedthrough. I keptgetting glances fromher at myrather full breasts.My nipples showedthrough, hard pointsthat were gettingharder the moreshe looked atthem.

Webecame close duringthat time andI was awedby how desperatelywomen wanted tofuck him. Heliterally had womenarguing over himat times. Ididn't score nearlyas often ashe did butI got morethan my shareof nice lookingwomen, even likeda couple ofthem. But Icould not keepthem, and Iknew why, Isimply did nothave the properequipment to fulfillthem. So Idid not allowmyself to getto fond ofto any onefemale.

"so you'vedecided to joinus in thehall." he remarkedcasually as ifnothing had passedbetween them today.

I couldn't believethat a nicekid like Tommywas involved inthis. "Guys, I'mtoo old foryou...I could beyour mother...please..." Ihoped to talkthem out ofit. They justsmiled. "Strip nowor else" Paulcommanded. "No!" Ireplied. Paul steppedforward and slappedmy face hard."STRIP you oldcunt!" I reluctantlyreached behind andundid my brastrap. The boysstared. I letmy bra andtorn blouse dropto the floor."Don't stop!"

"What do youwant me tosay? Hey Iknow you're fuckingmy daughter soget out ofmy house?" Iasked her.

Stillstewing, she satat the endof her couch,thought better ofit, and movedto the middle.Why not playwhat she had...

When Zakia Hassantold her familythat she gota job ofHealth Club Supervisor,every one opposedher; it wasthe first timein the familyof Aziz Hassanthat a girlhad decided to